Bathroom and other things

Hello Everyone,

This weekend we worked on our bathroom. We finished installing the rest of our shower unit and added some cool retro checkered design around the top edge. We also finished adding plywood to the inside walls so we have something to attach our bathroom wall cladding.

20150620_122036 20150620_122021 20150620_143224 20150620_143235 20150620_143243 20150620_155447 20150620_155518 20150620_155551 20150620_155555 20150620_161029 20150620_161036 20150620_122000 20150620_121941 PTDC0140

We had a very nice guy from a company called custom crating build us our bench seat/ storage that will be our main seating bench in the tiny house. The top will be removable so that we can store blankets and things inside. I really had to modify it to fit around the wheel wells but it fit good. I also built a very sweet cabinet out of old crates that was going to be smashed up and thrown away.

20150620_114757 20150620_105903 20150620_092514 20150620_092505


Here’s the cabinet i am making!

PTDC0102 20150621_132235 20150621_132228 20150621_134049

20150621_150224 20150621_150231


The cabinet and the lockers are not attached yet because they both need to be modified a bit more. See you next time!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christo says:

    Reclaim recycle reuse repeat! Awesome job on the cabinet and lockers. Nice retro touch in the shower. Well done guys!


  2. Tom murrsy says:



  3. Anisa Holmes says:

    everything looks awesome!


  4. Tom murrsy says:

    Doing a excellent job ,


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