Kitchen cook top

Hello blog followers,

Today we installed our kitchen cook top (gas hob) into our counter. We decided we wanted to save on counter space and install a 2 burner cook top instead of your typical 4 burner. The brand is Parmco and is a very good quality cook top.

Final product.



Right before my blade broke.
Pushing the limits- thats PAT!



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  1. Jamie-Pie says:

    Hi there,
    How have you found cooking on a 2 burner? I would like to have more bench space so was looking at downsizing to a 2 burner hob…but can you actually use both hobs at once?
    Be good to hear how it’s been working out for you. Cheers 🙂


    1. Cooking on a two burner hob is actually not that bad. We can fit a big pot and a small fry pan at the same time, so using both burners at the same time is ok. It does leave us plenty of counter space for prepping and stuff.


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