Bits and Bobs

Hello blog followers,

Today at the tiny house the weather was not very nice. We had a early start and got a few things finished. We worked on laying carpet inside our storage crates, interior walls around the bathroom, and cleaning up around the tiny house. We got the carpet for free from a dumpster right next to our house. Next week we will be taking a break, heading up to Auckland for a romantic weekend not thinking about the tiny house. We will update the blog in two weeks time. see you soon!!

Removable dividers 







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  1. Amy says:

    Hi You guys! Looks great, progress is progress, regardless of the weather. I’m happy you got away for a romantic weekend…very important 😉 My Husband Sean and I just watched “tiny house” on the Tele, I’m hooked on it! I’m digging these tiny houses, they’re so popular now! I love how creative you become in order to accommodate. So keep the posts and pics coming! The episode we just watched was awesome, they charred the cedar siding to protect it from the elements and fire, it looked beautiful! It was a young couple, and the show closed with an unexpected marriage proposal, just saying 😉 I got teary like a big baby! Hope all is well.


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