Ceiling Insulating and Covering

Hi everyone,

Today at the tiny house we insulated and covered our ceiling. It has felt like forever that the ceiling has been not finished, but today we got it done! Some really good friend of ours had some extra polystyrene laying around. We took what they gave us and bought what we needed and today got around to finishing our ceiling. That stuff sure does make a hell of a mess but in the end it worked out well.

After the insulation was up we calculated that we had enough left over roofing material for our ceiling. The rust, holes, scratches, and all kinds of minor imperfections gives it a good rustic look.

We also had time to build a door for our utilities box completely out of scraps we had left laying around.

Hope you like it!

20150802_104811 20150802_104822


Think I am looking kind of stiff haha!





20150802_153518 20150802_153506


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    Hey Cori and Pat,
    The house is really coming together! Everything looks great, but you two look exhausted. When the house is finished and set up on the lot that you choose and I am visiting you in December, I will take photos of you two with the house. When I get home I will have a poster made of the shot, frame it and hang it at home so I can always see you with your creation! Love you both.


  2. Marie and Tom says:

    Hello Cori and Pat,
    Wow you’ve gotten a lot done since we were there! We’re looking forward to seeing photos of that Rimu butcher block table:-)
    Keep up the good work!
    Marie and Tom


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