Saturday Tiny House Work

Hello blog followers,

Today at the tiny house we finished off the door for the utilities box, secured the last bolt fixing the house to the trailer, removed our kitchen cabinets to sand and repaint, and built a small shelf for the kitchen out of some free items we had laying around. The weather turned out to be really nice!

PTDC0222 PTDC0223



PTDC0240 PTDC0239

PTDC0243 PTDC0247PTDC0249 PTDC0252


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  1. Robert says:

    Hi i know it’s been a bit since i have dropped a line. VERY proud of you and Cori. The place is looking really nice. Glad to hear that you 2 took time to get away and be together i hope that it was a good time . It looks like you will be rapping up the house soon. Congratulations on you being excepted as a resident you and Cori must be very happy . Everything is the same hear. Dan is back home and doing well. he is working with Kozmo for now. I still work for First Student don’t know how much longer. Back is messed up bad looking into injections and may have to have surgery . Anna is working part time at Market Basket she enjoys it gets her out of the house. I could go on and on but i need to go to work.I will chat with you later. GOD Bless and stay happy
    Lots of love from every one hear.


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