Butcher Block

Hello blog readers,

I have been working on building a homemade butcher block from completely recycled materials. Thank you Tom and Maria for the beautiful rimu timber. I bought a 5 gallon bucket of used wrenches for 40 dollars and used them to build the frame. The end product has one coat of stain and three coats of polyurethane. The only new material I bought was the wheels. I hope you enjoy.

20150803_154250 20150803_154257

20150803_154241 20150804_164135




20150815_104033 20150815_104042


20151004_114340 20151004_114349 20151004_114849

20151004_120930 20151004_120935 20151004_121938 20151004_124255 20151004_125116

20151006_180226 20151006_180218 20151006_181347 20151006_181242 20151006_181358

20151015_170120 20151015_170110

20151017_094408 20151017_094518




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