First Night Stay at the Tiny House!

Hello Again!

Friday night was the very first night we slept over at the tiny house. We arrived at about 9:30pm and found the house to be warm and when we turned on all the lights, very well lit. The pillows and kitchenware were quickly put away and we had a nice quiet evening with a glass of wine and a good book. We were very comfortable, warm and everything we needed to relax for the evening was easy to access and use. We slept very well and the hot shower in the morning was amazing. We were both able to cook and be in the kitchen area at the same time without running into each other and the eggs and hashbrowns were delish! It was a great night and we were sad to go the next day. We did make a short list of item to improve but over all we did a great job of planning and anticipating our needs.

Tiny House Quick Video…”what weird birds? ohya”


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  1. Tom and Marie Balboni says:

    Congratulations on a job well done, can only imagine how special it was to spend your first night there! We were wondering where the Rimu table was going to be stored and now see it is tucked away, we missed it in previous pictures. What do you do for an encore?! 🙂
    Marie and Tom


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