Modifications- Improving the Tiny House!

HI Readers!

Pat and I have just finished a long day of cleaning and “renovating” and wanted to share some photos with you!

Living in such a small space means everything really has to work well. Things have to be convenient and useful. Otherwise you might find yourself wanting to give up all together. For example, when we ordered our storage crates, we were still undecided about what sort of seating we wanted. Little did we know that the plush seat we made, bumped the height of our “couch”. It wasn’t a huge deal, just a slight inconvenience when we were watching TV or on the computer. So we decided to cut off the very short legs of the crate! While we were down there we decided to insulate the wheel wells. Turns out there was a bit of a draft coming from under the crates. We only noticed it once the weather got a bit colder.

When we built the house we knew there would be things we would want to change, so it was really straightforward and only took a few hours.


I hope it makes a big difference. Otherwise it would have been a waste of tape and insulation!

Along with the insulating of the wheel wells, we also decided to finally get our record player out of storage and install it on the wall so we could use it whenever. It was a job for patty cakes!

I had found a perfect green suitcase (for 5 bucks from the EcoStore) and it worked a charm! See below:






Thanks for reading!

We will be in the states soon, drop us a line if you want to say hi!


Pat and Cori


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  1. Christo says:

    Love your work!


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